Communicating Value and Web Conversion Part 1

The only Graduate Certificate of Its kind

At The University of Florida, there is a certificate you can get through the college of Journalism and Communications called “Communicating Value and Web Conversion”.  The last class I took for this certificate was just as excellent as all the other courses, however there was one major difference between them.  See the lecture below.

In one of the week’s lectures, I found some of my work referenced and highlighted.  It was exciting to see and even more exciting to place it in the context of what we were learning (yes, I still learned from the lecture even when they used my work to explain the concepts).

Here is the first lecture video I was referenced in.  The point of the lecture was to explain the stages of the relationship between the marketer and the consumer, specifically the initiation “meet” phase.  This is a critical moment for the relationship because it sets expectations.

In the video Dr. Flint McGlaughlin shares many examples of ads and landing pages that are meant to be part of that “meet” phase and fail to turn attention into interest.  He then talks about a home page test we ran comparing the control to the treatment.  One of the critical differences on the home page was that the control was bragging about how successful the company was while the treatment focused on what the company could do for the user.  you could summarize the thought by calling them “company centric logic” vs “customer centric logic”.



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